DOAMF Scholarship Management Program:

The Foundation identifies indigent but intelligent children and youths, orphans and/or vulnerable and offer scholarship opportunities to children that are in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across the country. This is supported by corporate organizations and kind individuals.

DOAMF L.E.A.D (Leadership. Education. Aspiration. Development) Program:

This is an annual event that takes the Foundation to public schools in Nigeria. The goal of the L.E.A.D Program is to encourage less privileged children to aspire to become better students and responsible citizens while it aims at creating a new generation of future leaders and achievers.

DOAMF Essay Competition Program:

The Foundation having noted the decline in the reading culture of students in schools, particularly among public school students, noticed the major ripple effect of this as the inability of students to hone important skills development and educational functions in this niche. The basis of introducing the DOAMF Essay Competition to students in public schools, particularly in schools where libraries are being donated by the Foundation is to ensure adequate usage of these facilities by the project beneficiaries. The strategy for this project is to simply allow for the practice and development of transferable skills (i.e. reading and note-making, critical thinking and analysis, organising ideas, case argument and communicating effectively with a reader) amongst beneficiary students.

DOAMF Skill Acquisition Program:

This program is basically designed to spur positive changes in the lives of less privileged, vulnerable and unemployed women by providing them with additional skills which would help them generate income to support their households. DOAM Foundation organizes skill acquisition programs where her beneficiaries will not only gain knowledge about products making, but will also harness the skill acquired and turn it into a profit making venture thus increasing the income base of their families and adding to the economic growth of our society, as a whole.

DOAMF Back-To-School (BTS) Program:

This has been operating since 2007 to help families with financial challenges meet school costs for their wards/children. The Foundation’s Back-to- School Program equips pupils in primary schools with vital kits to start a new school year. Items such as school uniforms, shoes, school bags, stationeries and other necessary educational materials are distributed by the Foundation through partnerships with corporate organizations and kind individuals. This augments the Foundation’s full scholarship scheme.

DOAMF Read To Succeed Library (RTSL) Program:

One of the daunting challenges in the Nigerian Educational System is the decline of reading culture in schools especially among public school students. Research has shown that no society can develop beyond the knowledge base of its citizens. The poor reading culture prevalent in public schools needs to be reversed as it inhibits the country’s economic development. DOAM Foundation contributes to this issue by establishing and equipping libraries in public schools to promote book reading culture aimed at improving the reading and writing habits of students. It is hoped that the scheme will help in developing their communication skills.

DOAMF Vacation Counselling Program:

This educational program was introduced to help bring together all the DOAM Foundation Scholarship beneficiaries during their long vacation (academic holiday) for the purpose of infusing friendly relationships amongst them while counselling them on the need to succeed and excel in their academics and life. We make an effort not only to benefit the less privileged children with educational attainment, but also help guide them in making right choices that may possibly affect their lives in the future in career paths, good moral behaviours and inculcation of general social values.

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