What We Do

Daniel Ogechi Akujobi Memorial Foundation (DOAMF)

DOAM Foundation focuses on 3 major thematic areas which are: Education, Healthcare & Empowerment.



Education remains the leading antidote to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger even as the world strives to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of providing universal primary education for every child.

In the bid to ensure that less privileged children & youths in the society gain access to qualitative education, the Foundation has identified four core areas of interest to support the less privileged children and youths in the society. You can partner with us if you so desire.



Health is wealth! DOAM Foundation identifies the need for the good health of individuals in our communities and society. In other to contribute in addressing the challenge of health issues in public schools, the Foundation organizes series of health events and program all year round.



At DOAM Foundation, we work with our partners and donor agencies at all times to address the issue of empowerment in communities where we work. Our interest is to support all efforts to reduce all manners of poverty and deprivation among our targeted group of rural communities and dwellers.

To deliver on this objective, DOAM Foundation partner with independent assessors who work with the rural communities and help to ascertain the genuine needs of our targeted groups.

You can leave a distinct LEGACY today and for the future that will stand distinct even when you are long gone. Think of your community and its people. Think of any LEGACY you will want to be identified with and remembered for in HEALTH, EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT.

The recognition and satisfaction of knowing that you are investing in your people and community will remain forever.

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