Core Values

Daniel Ogechi Akujobi Memorial Foundation (DOAMF)

Our core operating values are our fundamental values. They articulate the ideals that the foundation aspires to hold itself accountable for and offer guidance about how the organization behaves in pursuing its vision and mission in all its dealings with the relevant public.


Our key purpose of existence is to provide selfless service and high impact programs that positively affect the society. We eschew any quest for personal gains in the dealings of the foundation.


Our interest in education and health determines the focus of our services and approaches, ensuring uprightness in all our transactions and interactions.


The foundation has the highest level of integrity in its administrative service and outreach activities. We tie these activities directly to our mission and we maintain and report our records accurately.


The foundation shall continue to aspire to ensure a high level of credibility in all its activities as this builds trust and confidence among donors and prospective donors.

You can leave a distinct LEGACY today and for the future that will stand distinct even when you are long gone. Think of your community and its people. Think of any LEGACY you will want to be identified with and remembered for in HEALTH, EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT.

The recognition and satisfaction of knowing that you are investing in your people and community will remain forever.

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